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Lasermeasurement with immediate calibration

In order to ensure a seamless and state of the art high quality production environment, the verification and measurement of tooling and equipment to the highest standards is paramount.

Measurement accuracy is specified at +/- 0,5 µ/m with the data being recorded at 50kHz. The measurement speed is specified at 4 m/s. The resolution is 1nm regardless of measurement speed.

After completion of the measurement, the error can, as a rule, be corrected by the equipment. This is done either by direct compensation or in the form or a deviation message.

Messgeräte Maschinenvermessung + Tooling & Equipmemt Measurement devices

Prove the performance of your equipment

Results of regular performance reviews and calibration graphs are a useful tool for your customer when looking to gain trust in the process reliability and capibility of your equipment. This capability will give you a serious edge over your competitors who are not able to perform such capability tests.

The combination of state of the art Laserinterferometer axial independent positional measurement, and the Lineartec Maschinen Quick-Check, offers you the ultimate all round package for machine accuracy. After measurement has been completed and possibly resulted in recalibration, and a final measurement check is performed. After completion the results of these measurements can be provided in PDF or paper form for each machine.

What many people don't know.

Every time a measurement system is changed the positional accuracy can no longer be 100% guaranteed. Recalibration is unavoidable in order to ensure the quality and accuracy of your products.

Increase the lifetime and accuracy of your machines.

Independent of the type of machines or positioning systems you use, you need to know how accurate they are before production can begin. Document and observe the condition and characteristics of your machines regularly. By doing this you can better judge how your machines develop and change over time, which in turn allows you to react accordingly. Machine error can discovered and mitigated via compensation or selective repair.

Work according to the quality assurance standards.

According to the ISO 9000 Norm, production and measurement equipment must be calibrated monitored and controlled by recognised and reproducible methods.

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Renishaw XL-80 laser measurement system

Renishaw XL-80 laser measurement system
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